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Stay sharp in the box


Position two portable mini-goals either side of the 18-yard-box, facing each other, in line with the corners of the 6-yard-box. Stick a slalom pole or cone 2-3 yards behind each goal. The server stands in the middle of the 6-yard-box, on the goal line, with a supply of balls. The player takes up his starting position behind one of the slalom poles.

The Drill

On the coach’s command the player sets off, darting between the slalom pole and portable mini-goal. He then sprints to the 6-yard-box. As he reaches the edge of the box the server plays a pass into his feet. The player has one touch to control and another to strike the ball into the opposing mini-goal. He then walks the length of the 6-yard-box, sprints to the perimeter of the 18-yard-box and zig-zags through the mini-goal and slalom pole and repeats the process in the opposite direction. Work for three minutes, rest of two. Repeat four times.


Challenge the player to complete the circuit with a ball at their feet. Instead of shooting, they must keep the ball under control at all times.

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