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Become a fleet-footed footballer


Set out six agility rings in a straight line. Stand slightly to the left of the base of the rings.

The Drill

Step into the first ring with your right foot and then as you punch that out to the right, bring your left foot in. Step forward, shifting your left foot into the second ring. Then, as you fire this out to the left, bring your right foot in. Repeat this sequence of steps until you have negotiated your way through all six rings. Perform this at maximum speed, making minimum contact with the floor, to increase the pace of your footwork.


Add three mini-hurdles to the start of the course. Create a box shape with the hurdles (you will be missing one side). Hop inside the box, out to the left, back into the box, and then hop forwards, out of the box, before shuffling back through the rings.

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