Back of the Net's Euro 2012 previews

The Back of the Net boys examine each participating country in depth...

Group A:
Poland – It's Not All Fun & Games
Russia – Excellent Control There
Greece – Cautious Football, Reckless Spending
Czech Republic – Might Not Surprise A Few People

Group B:
– Together As One, For Now
Germany – Herr There or Thereabouts
Portugal – It's Not All About Him, You Know
Denmark – Poulsen, Poulsen & Poulsen Aim For Glory

Group C:
Spain – So Good, They Might Not Even Bother
– The Bookmakers' Favourites
Croatia – Like A Game Of Chess. No, Really...
Rep of Ireland – Oh Yeah, Lucky As Anything

Group D:
Ukraine – No Definite Article
England – Struggling To Meet Low Expectations
France – Sane Coach Proving A Novelty
Sweden – Loveable Fans, Workmanlike Team

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