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Best resistance band 2021: perfect for strengthening in home workouts

resistance band
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It’s the build-up to Super Sunday on Sky Sports, and the camera is panning over the pitch. The assistant manager leads the warm-up; the players all gather round in a close group, stretching as one, following their coach’s lead. 

Here comes the question you’d never imagine FourFourTwo would ask: have you ever looked between their legs?

Every player in the Premier League uses a resistance band while warming up for a game. These bands are good for creating that extra burn between your thighs, and given that they’re cheap, easy pieces of equipment to incorporate into your routine, there’s no excuse not to give them a spin.

What are the best resistance workbands?

Resistance bands don’t vary much from brand to brand. It’s a bit like La Masia in that the vast majority of them do the same thing: they’ve got the same build, the same core abilities and whilst they have some durability, they’re all pretty lightweight products that will end up breaking in the end. 

Gritin’s set of five resistance bands are the best that we’ve sampled online. There are five depending on the strength you’d like to train with, so whether you’re Cristiano Ronaldo or Matt Le Tissier, you’re bound to find your level.

Best resistance bands, in order

Resistance band

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1. Gritin resistance bands

Gritin's standard set of five vibrant bands for varying heaviness

RRP: £11.99 | Colours: Black, pink, yellow, blue, green

Bright colours
Varying heaviness
Free carrying bag
Rubbery material

If you’re new to this resistance band lark, the Gritin bands can help. With five heaviness options ranging from Lionel Messi to Ade Akinfenwa, these are the perfect starter options to find your level and work from there. 

From our experience, the strongest bands are the go-to even if you're starting out – but doubling up on the weaker bands also works a charm.

Whatever you’re looking to train, these bands are pretty versatile. You’re not likely to lose them either: look at the colours.

Resistance bands

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2. SAWANS resistance bands

The anti-slip, super-grip, extremely thick band

RRP: £5.99 | Colour: Aquamarine

Wider than most bands
Sold individually or in pack sizes
Only three heaviness options

If your booty bands keep slipping down - yes, we promise to never ever repeat that sentence - then these SAWANS resistance bands could be for you. Whether you’re a Giggsy type looking to get into yoga, or you just want to train a few more muscles when you hit the crossfit, these could be the bands for you. 

It should also be noted that though SAWANS label the bands as being pink and blue, the blue colour is more akin to Barcelona’s aquamarine alternate shirt from last season. It’s not really blue at all.

Resistance band

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3. Syosin resistance bands

Thick monochrome fitness bands for any exercise

RRP: £20 | Colours: Black, grey, white

"Sporty" carrying case
Material looks a lot like a seatbelt

Luckily, SYOSIN offers an option for if you might not want a thick pink rubber between your legs. 

These grey, black and white options are about as eye-catching as a Sean Dyche team meeting Diego Simeone in the Champions League final. But hey - maybe that’s what you like: substance, reliability and the knowledge that through world wars and pandemics, these hard nuts will keep on going and outlast us all.

Resistance band

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4. Peak Supps grip bands

A heavy-duty, fabric band that’s comfortable too

RRP: £4.75 | Colours: Black, pink, grey

Very strong
Only one strength

The Peak Supps band is extremely comfortable, hard-wearing and you won’t find it slipping down your legs either. The only downside is that it’s only available in one strength: like an untested but prolific goalscorer from La Liga, you may just have to buy it and see if it fits into your plans.

You wouldn’t think that comfort would be an important factor when it comes to resistance bands. After all, most of working out is spent putting your body through discomfort to feel the benefits afterwards.

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