The big interview: Faustino Asprilla – "I don’t think we got together as a team enough at Newcastle – we lacked responsibility"

Faustino Asprilla

Who first nicknamed you ‘The Octopus’?
Frank Pocock, Warwick
Some friends from a local club. They said that, like an octopus, everything I got in my hands I put in my mouth – I would eat the spoon if I could. It’s got nothing to do with having rubbery legs!

Abroad, Colombia has a reputation for drugs, guerrilla warfare and corruption. What’s it really like? Were you ever aware of any of these problems growing up?
John Stephen, via e-mail
My family’s never been affected by drugs or guerrillas, but Colombia is suffering from some big problems. With the help of all Colombians, those who live here and those who live abroad, we have to change the image of the country and save it from all the corruption. But where I live it’s quiet countryside – that’s why I chose to come back when I retired.

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