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BotN: Sacked Coyle facing very real threat of going for that drink with Steve Kean

The former Bolton boss may be screening his calls, reveals Back of the Net's Paul Watson...

Sources close to axed Bolton manager Owen Coyle believe the Scottish tactician will look to find a new employer as quickly as possible as the spectre of a Sunday afternoon pint with Steve Kean looms large.

Having been relegated last season, Coyle knew that there was little room for error in the Championship but a 2-1 defeat to Millwall last weekend left the Trotters languishing in 18th place and signalled the end of his tenure.

Coyle is now expected to join the group of unemployed managers who have set up a crude shanty town in Paul JewellâÂÂs back garden and it seems that he may leave sooner rather than later.

âÂÂThe C-Unit [Owen Coyle] is obviously devastated,â a source close to Coyle told FourFourTwo.

âÂÂNaturally heâÂÂs disappointed that heâÂÂs gone from FA Cup semi-finalist to the sack within such a short space of time and seen his chances of being considered for a mid-table Premier League job shrink considerably. But most of all he keeps going on about Steve Kean and how thereâÂÂs no way he can avoid going for that drink with him now.âÂÂ

It is believed that Coyle responded positively albeit vaguely to fellow Scot KeanâÂÂs suggestion that the two men should "go for a couple of jars" shortly after KeanâÂÂs dismissal back in September â a promise that has come back to haunt the teetotal Coyle.

âÂÂWhile the C-Dog [Owen Coyle] was still at Bolton he could keep putting it off by saying he had to plan training sessions, do a press conference or show his team some video nasties, but now heâÂÂs got no excuse,â CoyleâÂÂs friend continued.

âÂÂEvery time the phone rings heâÂÂs terrified itâÂÂll be Steve Kean with a semi-bawdy anecdote suggesting a time to meet at a dingy Lancashire pub.

âÂÂWhile the C-Section [Owen Coyle] wants to answer all his calls in the hope itâÂÂs a job, he keeps saying itâÂÂs not worth the risk. We canâÂÂt stress highly enough how little he, or indeed anyone, wants to grab a couple of beers with Steve Kean.âÂÂ

While CoyleâÂÂs actions could be considered an overreaction, few can forget Tony Adamsâ decision to accept a management position with Azerbaijani club Gabal in 2010 in order to avoid attending Nigel WinterburnâÂÂs fancy dress party.

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