Can you pick your manager's nose?

The other day, conversation in the FourFourTwo office turned to noses.

We'd noticed that a few Premier League managers had notable noses, not to say some sizeable schnozzes. From Steve Bruce's through-the-wars hooter to Arsene Wenger's elegant Alsatian vin-sniffer, every hooter has a history.

We started off wondering if the noteworthy nebs were as a result of careers spent as centre-halves thundering into the shoulders of target men. But then we abandoned the thesis and thought, stuff it, let's do a picture special to test the general nose knowledge of the massive.

So here's the first parade. All ten of these belong to Premier League managers (at the time of going to, er, press). You know your manager's face, but could you pick his nose out in a line-up? 

Now, there's no prizes for guessing. Just have fun with it. Next week we'll reveal the answers – and possibly a few more beaks...

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