CIS: Moscow

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For things to avoid in Moscow it’s right up there with a stint in the Lubyanka, but NMTB previewed the CIS Cup last week, so may as well try and generate a modicum of interest in the competition by informing you as to its progress.

NMTB, Fri Jan 15: A not-so-happy 18th birthday for the CIS Cup

Three days into the tournament and each team has already got two group games under their belt, which perhaps demonstrates why the CIS Cup is so unpopular – the entire programme is crammed into nine days.

That’s some feat for the finalists, who will play six matches in that period.

Oh, and check out this rather tasty goal by Bunyodkor’s Bahodir Nasimov.

Note lack of crowd and school gym-like arena. (And goose-stepping subs - Ed.)

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