Dives, dismissals & wonder goals

FFT.com's artist in residence Rob Carey on a mixed weekend for Manchester United, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic and Chelsea...  

Let’s start with a short quiz:

In October 2006, which current Premier League footballer said:

“I would never dive. I would like to think of myself as an honest player. That's the way I play. I don't like diving, football doesn't need it.”

Need a clue? He was booked this weekend for diving. Yes it’s the honest, mature Wayne Rooney.

It’s hard to believe that anyone with AIG on their shirt can be involved in an act of dishonesty. He must be foreign.

Diving, or simulation to give it it’s proper, ridiculous name, makes too many headlines in the wonderful world of football.

After today this blog is going to try and leave it alone for a while.

However, it is nice to see some referees dishing out yellow cards for the offence, even if one of them got it horribly wrong.

But then again, although he was upended by a Bolton defender while in full flow, not many people will shed a tear for Manchester City’s Craig Bellamy.

As he picked up a second yellow card for being kicked in the air you could almost hear Graeme Souness, John Arne Riise, Alan Shearer, that Manchester United fan he confronted and all the referees throughout the world sniggering as he trudged off the field.

This week's goal of the week is a no brainer: Wigan’s Maynor Figueroa combined some smart thinking with a little bit of cheek in taking a quick free-kick from his own half.

Seeing Stoke’s Thomas Sorenson off his line, Figueroa lofted this beauty over the Danish keeper and into the net.

As for news from the top of the table, Chelsea are doing their best to keep everyone else involved with some comedy defending.

Czech keeper Cech scored Everton’s first goal, then looked bewildered as another free-kick caused mayhem in his penalty-area for the Toffees' third.

They have now conceded 11 goals from set pieces this season. Now if a certain team from Merseyside who use zonal marking were to have the same numbers, the papers would have a field day.

Then again, they’ve got enough ammunition as it is.


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