FIFA 23 free agents: 58 players to sign for nothing in Career Mode

FIFA 23 free agents: 58 players to sign for nothing in Career Mode
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FIFA 23 free agents are a must in Career Mode. Sure, you're going to want to spend big on marquee buys – but it's vital that you make cut costs elsewhere.

Every manager loves bargains but these players are even better. Completely unattached at the start of Career Mode, you can bring these players in for absolutely nothing – and though some of the stars on this list are elder statesmen who haven't been offered contract extensions at their previous clubs, there are a few players that we've found who can significantly improve alongside the wonderkids you have in your squad. 

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The top free signings in FIFA 23
PlayerPositionRatingPotential+AgeValueWageSkill movesWeak footWorkrate (att/def)FootedIn-game statsHeight
Alexis VegaLW, ST, LM7783624£14,190,000£15,48043M / LR1,985173cm/5'8"
Cesar MontesCB7782525£12,040,000£13,76023M / HR1,854191cm/6'3"
Carlos RodriguezCAM, CM7681525£9,460,000£14,19033H / HR2,015171cm/5'7"
Guillermo OchoaGK8080036£473,000£9,46013M / MR935185cm/6'0"
Tomas VaclikGK8080033£6,020,000£14,62013M / MR980188cm/6'2"
Kevin AlvarezRB7380723£5,160,000£9,46023H / MR1,857176cm/5'9"
Alfredo TalaveraGK7979039£1,634,000£8,17014M / MR1,017186cm/6'1"
Jason DenayerCB7779227£9,460,000£14,62023M / MR1,849184cm/6'0"
Milad JuricCB7079917£2,666,000£43024M / HL1,597188cm/6'2"
Ibrahim DanladGK68791119£1,892,000£1,80612M / MR727179cm/5'10"
Henry MartinST7878029£12,040,000£19,35033H / LR1,954177cm/5'9"
Akram AfifLW, CF, CAM7678225£8,170,000£15,48044H / MR1,871177cm/5'9"
Luis ChavezCM, CDM7578326£6,450,000£14,19033H / HL1,993178cm/5'10"
Milan BorjanGK7777034£1,548,000£12,04012M / MR1,041196cm/6'5"
Uriel AntunaRM, LM, RW7577224£6,450,000£12,47033M / MR1,797174cm/5'8"
Roberto AlvaradoRW, LW, CM7477323£5,160,000£12,47044M / LL1,987176cm/5'9"
Ignacio LopezCB7177620£2,236,000£6,19224M / HL1,619177cm/5'9"
Florin NitaGK7676035#VALUE!£7,13812M / MR767184cm/6'0"
Ivica IvusicGK7276427£2,150,000£7,91212M / MR811195cm/6'4"
Lansare HoganST, RW65761116£1,290,000£81723M / LL1,618180cm/5'10"
Nestor AraujoCB7575030£3,956,000£12,90023L / MR1,708188cm/6'2"
Jesus GallardoLB, LM, LW7575027£4,730,000£12,90033H / LL2,033176cm/5'9"
Alexandru CicaldauCM, CAM7275324£2,752,000£9,46034H / HR2,022178cm/5'10"
Almoez AliST7275325£2,666,000£11,18024M / MR1,684184cm/6'0"
Ahmed Reda TagnaoutiGK7175426£1,720,000£6,96612M / MR838192cm/6'3"
Artem DovbykST7075525£2,064,000£8,51434H / ML1,680185cm/6'0"
Homam AhmedLWB6875722£1,978,000£4,55824M / ML1,699192cm/6'3"
Bassam Al RawiCB6875724£1,892,000£4,55823M / MR1,837176cm/5'9"
Jakub BrabecCB7474029£3,010,000£12,47023M / HR1,845186cm/6'1"
Joakim NilssonCB7474028£3,096,000£12,47022M / ML1,620185cm/6'0"
Joel FameyehST6974525£1,806,000£7,22433H / LR1,642180cm/5'10"
Tarek SalmanCB, LWB6674824£1,548,000£3,35424M / MR1,689179cm/5'10"
Mohammed WaadCDM, CB, LWB6574922£1,290,000£2,92423H / ML1,770183cm/6'0"
Stavros GavrielLW, RW61741320£688,000£2,06423M / MR1,459178cm/5'10"
Ryan ThomasCM, CAM, CDM7373027£2,752,000£12,04034H / HR1,966174cm/5'8"
Dmytro RiznykGK6873523£1,290,000£3,61213M / MR838186cm/6'1"
Michael WoudGK6473923£946,000£2,06412M / ML720196cm/6'5"
Attila MocsiCB62731122£709,500£2,06422M / MR1,318188cm/6'2"
Hassan Al HaydosRW, CAM, LW7272031£1,634,000£11,61033M / HR1,766170cm/5'6"
Loic NegoRM, RB, CM7272031£1,634,000£10,75033H / HR1,940181cm/5'11"
Filip HelanderCB7272029£1,720,000£10,32021L / HL1,517192cm/6'3"
Florin TanaseCF, ST, CM7272027£2,150,000£11,61033M / LR1,884185cm/6'0"
Karim BoudiafCM, CDM7272031£1,634,000£10,75033M / MR1,890190cm/6'2"
Paris PolykarpouCDM, CB60721221£494,500£1,54823L / MR1,477182cm/5'11"
Mitchell LangerakGK7171033£516,000£6,96613M / MR784193cm/6'3"
Marco RojasLM, RM7171030£1,548,000£9,46044H / MR1,846168cm/5'6"
Trent SainsburyCB7171030£1,290,000£8,60023M / MR1,812183cm/6'0"
Abdulaziz HatemCM, CDM7171031£1,290,000£9,46035H / ML1,908183cm/6'0"
Laszló KleinheislerCAM, CM7171028£1,634,000£9,89034H / HR2,005173cm/5'8"
Daniel SundgrenRWB, CB7171031£1,204,000£8,60023M / MR1,808179cm/5'10"
Boualem KhoukhiCB, CDM7171031£1,118,000£8,60023H / MR1,836183cm/6'0"
Yahya Attiat-AllahLB7071127£1,462,000£7,48233H / ML1,861176cm/5'9"
Meshaal BarshamGK6571624£795,500£2,23613M / MR761178cm/5'10"
Adam LangCB7070029£1,118,000£7,82623M / MR1,631188cm/6'2"
Abdelkarim HassanLWB, CB7070028£1,204,000£7,82623H / HL1,938186cm/6'1"
Assim MadiboCDM, CM6670425£946,000£3,69822M / HR1,690168cm/5'6"
Mikael SoisaloRM, LM6470624£795,500£2,92433M / MR1,562181cm/5'11"
Stavros GeorgiouST, CF55701517£258,000£47333M / LR1,450183cm/6'0"

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