FIFA 23 bargains: 75 incredible players to sign on the cheap

FIFA 23 bargains: 75 incredible players to sign on the cheap
(Image credit: EA)

FIFA 23 bargains in Career Mode can help you free up funds elsewhere. After all, if you only have a set transfer budget, you want to be making some big signings, don't you?

There are wonderkids that you'll want to splash out for, we're sure, while free agents can also pad out your squad if you're working on the cheap. But if you're looking to sign young players with plenty of upside, perhaps that you can shift for a healthy profit, these are the players that you want to be spending your money on. 

You need to speculate to accumulate – and in some of these cases, you can actually sign a youngster on the cheap, loan them out and then sell them on even more money to repeat the cycle. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable options out there when it comes to cost-effective young starlets who can add value to your squad.  

FIFA 23 bargains to look out for: October 2022 update

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The top bargain signings in FIFA 23
PlayerClubPositionRatingPotential+AgeValueWageSkill movesWeak footWorkrate (att/def)FootedIn-game statsHeight
Elliot AndersonNewcastle UnitedCM, LW68861819£2.3m£13.3k34H / MR1,924179cm/5'10"
Luka RomeroLazioRW, CAM67861917£1.8m£2.6k33M / ML1,645165cm/5'4"
Abdul Fatawu IssahakuSportingCAM, RW67861918£1.9m£1.4k44H / ML1,775177cm/5'9"
Kayky da Silva ChagasPacos de Ferreira, on loan from Manchester CityRW66862019£1.8m£1.8k33M / LL1,553175cm/5'8"
Carney ChukwuemekaChelseaCM, CAM, CF64862218£1.4m£5.5k44M / MR1,700185cm/6'0"
Naci UnuvarTrabzonspor, on loan from AjaxLW, CAM67851819£1.9m£6.3k43H / MR1,686168cm/5'6"
Luca OyenGenkLW, CAM67851819£1.9m£3.1k33M / MR1,696174cm/5'8"
Cole PalmerManchester CityRW, CAM, CF67851820£2.0m£21.9k43M / ML1,741189cm/6'2"
Rodrigo GomesBragaLM, RW67851818£1.9m£1.5k33H / MR1,737175cm/5'8"
Diego MoreiraBenficaLW67851817£1.8m£817k33H / ML1,710179cm/5'10"
Mateus FernandesSportingCM, CAM66851917£1.6m£43044H / MR1,843178cm/5'10"
Dane ScarlettPortsmouth, on loan from Tottenham HotspurST65852018£1.5m£1.3k34H / MR1,605179cm/5'10"
Marko LazeticAC MilanST65852018£1.5m£4.8k23H / MR1,676192cm/6'3"
Mika GodtsGenkLW64852117£1.3m£68843M / MR1,569176cm/5'9"
Charlie PatinoBlackpool, on loan from ArsenalCDM, CM64852118£1.4m£1.0k23M / ML1,711182cm/5'11"
Alejandro GarnachoManchester UnitedLW, LM, RM64852118£1.4m£7.3k34H / MR1,593180cm/5'10"
Kacper KozlowskiVitesse, on loan from Brighton & Hove Albion68841618£2.3m£2.1k44H / MR1,857178cm/5'10"
Maurits KjaergaardRed Bull SalzburgCAM, CM68841619£2.3m£5.1k33H / ML1,907192cm/6'3"
Leonidas StergiouSt. GallenCB67841720£1.8m£2.3k23L / MR1,552180cm/5'10"
Eric MartelKolnCDM, CB67841720£1.8m£5.0k23M / MR1,713188cm/6'2"
Alan VirginiusLilleRM67841719£1.9m£4.9k33H / MR1,566175cm/5'8"
Caden ClarkNew York Red Bulls, on loan from RB LeipzigCAM, CM, LW67841719£1.9m£1.5k43H / MR1,760180cm/5'10"
Jovanny BolívarDeportivo La GuairaST67841720£2.0m£5.8k23H / MR1,646175cm/5'8"
Alessandro FontanarosaInter MilanCB67841719£1.8m£7.1k23M / HL1,803185cm/6'0"
Liam DelapStoke City, on loan from Manchester CityST66841819£1.6m£4.6k24H / MR1,583186cm/6'1"
Edouard MichutSunderland, on loan from Paris Saint-GermainCM66841819£1.6m£2.6k33H / MR1,734178cm/5'10"
Rodrigo RibeiroSportingST66841817£1.6m£73133M / MR1,545185cm/6'0"
Mohamed El ArouchLyonCAM66841818£1.6m£4.5k33M / MR1,782172cm/5'7"
Désiré DouéRennesCAM66841817£1.6m£1.3k43M / MR1,649181cm/5'11"
Hannibal MejbriBirmingham City, on loan from Manchester UnitedCAM, CM64842019£1.2m£3.7k33H / MR1,719182cm/5'11"
Noah MbambaClub BruggeCB, CDM64842017£1.1m£43023M / HR1,552188cm/6'2"
Mathys TelBayern MunichST, LM, CF64842017£1.2m£2.1k33M / MR1,643183cm/6'0"
Juan MinaDeportivo CaliRB64842017£1.1m£43022M / MR1,580179cm/5'10"
Kaide GordonLiverpoolRW, LW62842217£900,000£2.7k33H / ML1,488173cm/5'8"
Sidney RaebigerGreuther FurthCM, CAM62842217£900,000£43033M / MR1,729176cm/5'9"
Luke HarrisFulhamCAM61842317£100,000£0.9k23M / MR1,575168cm/5'6"
Marko BulatDinamo ZagrebCM, CDM69831420£2.4m£6.3k33M / MR1,976178cm/5'10"
Becir OmeragicZurichCB, RB68831520£2.0m£4.1k23H / HR1,742187cm/6'1"
Fabian RiederYoung BoysCAM, CM68831520£2.1m£5.7k23H / ML1,806179cm/5'10"
Ezequiel FernándezTigre, on loan from Boca JuniorsCM, CDM68831519£2.0m£2.1k24M / HL1,728178cm/5'10"
Julián AudeLanusLB, CDM67831619£1.8m£2.4k34M / ML1,749180cm/5'10"
Isaak ToureMarseilleCB67831619£1.8m£4.7k23M / ML1,534204cm/6'8"
Paulo BernardoBenficaCM67831620£2.0m£2.8k34M / MR1,831180cm/5'10"
Ilias AkhomachBarcelonaRW67831618£1.9m£12.5k44M / ML1,563175cm/5'8"
Tomás AraújoBenficaCB67831620£1.8m£2.3k22M / MR1,476186cm/6'1"
Logan Delaurier-ChaubetBordeauxLW, RW66831720£1.6m£1.9k34M / ML1,596173cm/5'8"
Malik TillmanRangersCAM, ST, LM66831720£1.6m£8.6k33M / MR1,595187cm/6'1"
Yerson ChaconDeportivo TachiraRM66831719£1.6m£3.8k33M / MR1,588166cm/5'5"
David Datro FofanaMoldeST66831719£1.6m£1.3k33M / LR1,678181cm/5'11"
Andreas SchjelderupNordsjaellandCAM, LW, ST66831718£1.6m£1.1k33H / MR1,672176cm/5'9"
Dijon KameriRed Bull SalzburgCAM66831718£1.6m£2.3k33M / MR1,725181cm/5'11"
Alexis TibidiRheindorf Altach, on loan from StuttgartCF, ST, CAM65831818£1.3m£1.4k33M / MR1,532187cm/6'1"
Ignacio Maestro PuchAtlético TucumánST65831818£1.3m£1.2k33M / MR1,548180cm/5'10"
Vinícius TobiasShakhtar DonetskRB, RM65831818£1.3m£6.1k33H / MR1,653175cm/5'8"
Shola ShoretireManchester UnitedRM, CAM, CM64831918£1.1m£5.8k34M / MR1,666175cm/5'8"
Joao GrimaldoSporting CristalCAM, RW64831919£1.1m£2.3k43L / LR1,634175cm/5'8"
Iker BravoReal MadridST, RM64831917£1.1m£4.6k34H / MR1,535184cm/6'0"
Kervin AndradeDeportivo La GuairaCAM, RM, CM64831917£1.1m£60233H / LR1,657168cm/5'6"
Julio EncisoBrighton & Hove AlbionRM, RW63832018£1.0m£3.4k33H / MR1,571168cm/5'6"
Malick FofanaGentRM, LM, ST63832017£1.0m£51634M / ML1,536169cm/5'6"
Kang Seong-JinFC SeoulRW, RM63832019£1.0m£1.0k43M / ML1,566178cm/5'10"
Ernest PokuAZRW63832018£1.0m£90034H / MR1,518173cm/5'8"
Harvey ValeHull City, on loan from ChelseaCAM, RW, LW63832018£1.0m£1.1k34H / ML1,700181cm/5'11"
Zidan SertdemirBayer LeverkusenCM, CAM62832117£900,000£90033M / ML1,676184cm/6'0"
Romeo LaviaSouthamptonCDM62832118£900,000£2.0k23M / HR1,567181cm/5'11"
Tom BischofHoffenheimCAM62832117£900,000£645k33M / ML1,613176cm/5'9"
Kane SmithStevenageRWB, RB62832126£900,000£1.6k23H / MR1,644175cm/5'8"
SimoEspanyolCB62832117£900,000£43023L / MR1,470188cm/6'2"
Marko BrkljacaDinamo ZagrebCAM, CM62832117£900,000£43033M / ML1,555173cm/5'8"
Takuhiro NakaiReal MadridCAM61832218£100,000£5.4k34M / MR1,479178cm/5'10"
Alfie DevineTottenham HotspurCAM, LW, ST60832317£600,000£1.2k23H / MR1,625180cm/5'10"
Fabio ChiarodiaWerder BremenCB60832317£500,000£43023M / ML1,478186cm/6'1"
Guillaume RestesToulouseGK60832317£500,000£43013M / ML660186cm/6'1"
Cristian RiquelmeEverton de Vina del MarLB, LM 60832318£600,000£51622M / ML1,440173cm/5'8"
Laurin UlrichStuttgartCM, CAM, LM60832317£600,000£43033M / MR1,705180cm/5'10"

Newcastle player Elliot Anderson in action during the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Brentford FC at St. James Park on October 08, 2022 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Elliot Anderson of Newcastle United (Image credit: Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Everyone on our list is valued at under £2.5 million – and there are some gems on there. Elliot Anderson of Newcastle is the highest-rated in terms of potential, with the midfielder capable of being able to grow into a world-class performer.

Look out for Chelsea star Carney Chukwuemeka, too. The midfield metronome may have only just moved from Aston Villa over the summer but has the potential to improve by a whopping 22 rating points – and can become a serious option for England in coming seasons on FIFA 23

Carney Chukwuemeka - England U18, Aston Villa

Carney Chukwuemeka of Chelsea (Image credit: PA Images)
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