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Football boots: Which studs should I buy?

Adidas Copa Sense
(Image credit: Adidas)

In the mid-2000s, Adidas released a new edition in their F50 range called 'Tunit'. The F50 was a lightweight, high-tech boot from the German manufacturer in which they were happy to add new features - and these ones featured changeable studs.

With the boots came all the different studs you'd possibly need - plus a little spanner to screw them in. While the boots themselves looked great, this didn't catch on due to the studs falling out mid-game.

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You can still get all kinds of studs for all kinds of boots, though. Here are the common studs you'll find on big manufacturers' websites. 

Artificial grass

Often referred to as "AG", these boots are best suited to pitches that are made specifically from artificial turf, rather than astroturfs.

These studs are rarer than most and probably not necessary for you to purchase unless you regularly play on the correct surface for them. 


"MG" studs are the best option to go for the average consumer. 

These studs are good for all weathers, offering traction but not too long for softer surfaces. If you can only afford one pair of boots, this is probably the option for you. 

Hard ground/Firm ground

"HG" or "FG" boots tend to have shorter studs than your average pair. This is so that your feet don't stick in the mud too much while you're running - and like the name suggests, they're best suited to harder surfaces. 

Soft ground

The typical English stud, "SG" is the dedicated option for wetter, boggier pitches as well as softer grass in general. The studs are equipped to deal with these pitches better than others. 


Turf - that's often shortened to "TF", by the way - refers to astroturf - not just general grass.

These studs are smaller still. A cross between a football boot and a trainer, this also works as a good option on streets or generally across harder surfaces. 


If you're specifically playing indoors, there's a stud for that, too. 

Indoor boots are not only suited to futsal but the gym. 

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