You Ask The Questions, Frank Lampard: "When an overweight woman in the chicken run shouted 'Fat Frank', that was when I realised it was getting ridiculous"

Frank Lampard

What’s your favourite childhood memory of watching your dad Frank Snr play? Did you ever go and watch Uncle ‘Arry play much?
Gino S, via Facebook
It was watching one of his last ever games at Upton Park in 1985 when I was six, my Nan used to take me to the games. It was against the great Liverpool side of the time and I can remember watching Kenny Dalglish. But I never saw Harry play, he had left West Ham by then. He didn’t play as long as Dad, and he moved around a lot too.

When you get together as a family with your Dad, Harry and Jamie, is it all football talk? And what were kickabouts with that lot like as a kid?
Rob Pegley, Sydney, Australia
The four of us love talking about the game – the women of the family try to change the topic but it doesn’t work. When I was a kid the kickabouts in the back garden were amazing: there was my Dad and Harry, who had been pros and were managers, and then there was Jamie, who is older than me and was an established player at Liverpool. I used to idolise Jamie, and I knew how lucky I was to kick a ball with him. I used to see him as the pin-up boy of English football, he had made it, and I thought 'that's what I want too'.

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