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McEachran disappointed to learn transfer talk just half-stifled sneezes

The Chelsea rookie has been getting a bit ahead of himself, Back of the Net's Paul Watson has more... 

Sources close to Swansea loanee Josh McEachran have relayed his disappointment at learning that recent transfer rumours linking him to a summer move were in fact a series of half-stifled sneezes.

Chelsea sent the England Under-21 star out on loan to Swansea in search of first-team football, but McEachran has struggled to get his awkward, guttural name on the teamsheet.

And while McEachran remains highly rated within the game, sources close to the downbeat starlet suggest he was devastated to discover that a recent transfer rumour was in fact caused by a synaptic release.

âÂÂItâÂÂs been a tough season for Josh, so when he heard he had been linked with Bolton it was a boost,â a source close to McEachran told

âÂÂHe took it hard when he found out that the rumour had been brought about by Phil Gartside suffering a mild allergic reaction to a stray cat.

For a brief moment, McEachran thought he was on his way to Old Trafford

âÂÂThe next day he again got his hopes up when he thought the bloke behind him on a train was talking about him, but it turned out he was actually choking on a brazil nut. The whole thing has left him wondering whether anyone is talking about him at all.âÂÂ

McEachranâÂÂs agency Key Sports are refusing to panic, insisting that while a significant percentage of apparent McEachran mentions are false alarms, some people do know who he is. 

âÂÂThereâÂÂs been a lot of buzz surrounding Josh lately and only some of it will have been spasmodic involuntary action,â a spokesman for the agency assured

âÂÂJust the other day, in fact, IâÂÂm pretty sure I heard someone talking about him on the radio. I was going through a tunnel at the time though.âÂÂ

The confusion may not be a bad thing for McEachran. In 2008, Arsene Wenger famously signed Francis Coquelin while attempting to order a main course in a restaurant in Brittany.

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