Moscow's beer supply is running low during the World Cup

World Cup beer

Six days in, and Russia's capital is running out of booze. Eek! 

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Fans have invaded bars and restaurants around Red Square and the Kremlin as they indulge in the party atmosphere that naturally accompanies at World Cup.

Less than a week into the tournament, it seems the merriment is rapidly draining Moscow's beer supply.

"We just didn't think they would only want beer," one waiter, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters.

"There are really a lot of people in Moscow... and they are all drinking. It's hot, and it's football."

One barman named Dmitry said fans had drunk 800 litres of lager in three days before moving on to more premium, bottled beer.

"The sun makes them thirsty," he added. "In Russian we say 'to the bottom!' I like that these guys are embracing our culture."

Beer sales in the country had fallen by a third over the past decade due to tighter regulation, but that trend looks to be redressing itself over just four, football-filled weeks...

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