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World Cup 2022 fixtures – full schedule, dates and UK TV channels

World Cup 2022 fixtures: A general view of the Khalifa International Stadium on January 4, 2018 in Doha, Qatar.
(Image credit: Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images)

The full World Cup 2022 fixtures are now known. With the World Cup 2022 group draw complete, we can see who every country will face, when they will play them, and who they might take on in the knockout rounds.

The first two rounds of group games will have kick-off times of 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm GMT. The final group stage games and all knockout games will have kick-offs of 3pm and 7pm GMT.

All of England's group stage games are on weekdays, with the first match being a 1pm GMT kick-off against Iran on a Monday, the second match against the United States 7pm GMT on a Friday, and the final group stage game 7pm GMT on a Tuesday. 

The first game of the World Cup will now take place between Qatar and Ecuador on the evening of Sunday, November 20. It had previously been scheduled for the following day, but was moved forward to carry on the tradition of the hosts playing in the opening match.

As a result, the November 21 clash between Senegal and the Netherlands has been moved back from a 10am GMT kick-off to 4pm GMT.

Group stage

World Cup 2022 fixtures: the group stage

Matchday 1

Sunday, November 20

Qatar vs Ecuador (4pm GMT, BBC)

Monday, November 21

England vs Iran (1pm GMT, BBC)

Senegal vs Netherlands (4pm GMT, ITV)

United States vs Wales (7pm GMT, ITV)

Tuesday, November 22

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia (10am GMT, ITV)

Denmark vs Tunisia (1pm GMT, ITV)

Mexico vs Poland (4pm GMT, BBC)

France vs Australia (7pm GMT, BBC)

Wednesday, November 23

Morocco vs Croatia (10am GMT, ITV)

Germany vs Japan (1pm GMT, ITV)

Spain vs Costa Rica (4pm GMT, ITV)

Belgium vs Canada (7pm GMT, BBC)

Thursday, November 24

Switzerland vs Cameroon (10am GMT, ITV)

Uruguay vs South Korea (1pm GMT, BBC)

Portugal vs Ghana (4pm GMT, ITV)

Brazil vs Serbia (7pm GMT, BBC)

Matchday 2

Friday, November 25

Wales vs Iran (10am GMT, BBC)

Qatar vs Senegal (1pm GMT, BBC)

Netherlands vs Ecuador (4pm GMT, ITV)

England vs United States (7pm GMT, ITV)

Saturday, November 26

Tunisia vs Australia (10am GMT, BBC)

Poland vs Saudi Arabia (1pm GMT, ITV)

France vs Denmark (4pm GMT, ITV)

Argentina vs Mexico (7pm GMT, ITV)

Sunday, November 27

Japan vs Costa Rica (10am GMT, ITV)

Belgium vs Morocco (1pm GMT, BBC)

Croatia vs Canada (4pm GMT, BBC)

Spain vs Germany (7pm GMT, BBC)

Monday, November 28

Cameroon vs Serbia (10am GMT, ITV)

South Korea vs Ghana (1pm GMT, BBC)

Brazil vs Switzerland (4pm GMT, ITV)

Portugal vs Uruguay (7pm GMT, ITV)

Matchday 3

Tuesday, November 29

Ecuador vs Senegal (3pm GMT, ITV)

Netherlands vs Qatar (3pm GMT, ITV)

Iran vs United States (7pm GMT, BBC)

Wales vs England (7pm GMT, BBC)

Wednesday, November 30

Tunisia vs France (3pm GMT, BBC)

Australia vs Denmark (3pm GMT, BBC)

Poland vs Argentina (7pm GMT, BBC)

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico (7pm GMT, BBC)

Thursday, December 1

Canada vs Morocco (3pm GMT, BBC)

Croatia vs Belgium (3pm GMT, BBC)

Japan vs Spain (7pm GMT, ITV)

Costa Rica vs Germany (7pm GMT, ITV)

Friday, December 2

Ghana vs Uruguay (3pm GMT, BBC)

South Korea vs Portugal (3pm GMT, BBC)

Serbia vs Switzerland (7pm GMT, ITV)

Cameroon vs Brazil (7pm GMT, ITV)

Round of 16

Saturday, December 3

Group A Winner vs Group B Second Place (3pm GMT)

Group C Winner vs Group D Second Place (7pm GMT)

Sunday, December 4

Group D Winner vs Group C Winner (3pm GMT)

Group B Winner vs Group A Second Place (7pm GMT)

Monday, December 5

Group E Winner vs Group F Second Place (3pm GMT)

Group G Winner vs Group H Second Place (7pm GMT)

Tuesday, December 6

Group F Winner vs Group E Second Place (3pm GMT)

Group H Winner vs Group G Winner (7pm GMT)


Friday, December 9

Round of 16 5 Winner vs Round of 16 6 Winner (3pm GMT)

Round of 16 1 Winner vs Round of 16 2 Winner (7pm GMT)

Saturday, December 10

Round of 16 7 Winner vs Round of 16 8 Winner (3pm GMT)

Round of 16 3 Winner vs Round of 16 4 Winner (7pm GMT)


Tuesday, December 13

Quarter-Final 1 Winner vs Quarter-Final 2 Winner (7pm GMT)

Wednesday, December 14

Quarter-Final 3 Winner vs Quarter-Final 4 Winner (7pm GMT)

Third-place play-off

Saturday, December 17

Semi-Final 1 Loser vs Semi-Final 2 Loser (3pm GMT)


Sunday, December 18

Semi-Final 1 Winner vs Semi-Final 2 Winner (3pm GMT)

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