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Watch: Atletico Mineiro's manager tries to fight a reporter post-match

Atletico Mineiro surprisingly drew 1-1 at fourth-tier club Atletico Acreano in the first round of Copa do Brasil on Wednesday night. The result wasn't the best for the visitors and had clearly left Oswaldo de  Oliveira in a sour mood.

In the 67-year-old Atletico Mineiro manager's post-match huddle with a group of reporters, one man asked: "It seemed like Atletico didn't know whether they wanted to attack from the flanks, or if they were counterattacking, or if they were attacking from the middle..."

The leading question sparked a furious reaction from Oliveira, who had already been engaged in a three-minute argument with the reporter who he felt was biased.

So Oliveira went after him and had to be restrained by an official before he finally calmed down.

2:45 for Oliveira's reaction

Plenty of Premier League managers would surely feel inspired after watching this.


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