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Roda JC demand eight minutes of match be replayed after VAR wrongly interferes

Remember how VAR was going to eliminate grievance from the game, settling all disputes inside 90 minutes?

Not so much.

Among a sea of other issues, a controversy has developed in Holland after a recent cup game between Roda JC and Willem II. With the score 2-2, VAR stepped in to disallow a Roda goal (which would have put them ahead 3-2) on account of a handball.

Incorrectly, they insist, because the VAR's authority only relates to the moment during which the goal was actually scored, not the passage of play which preceded it - and, to be fair, they have a point (video below).

Roda were eventually eliminated from the competition after penalties, and have subsequently requested that the final eight minutes of the game be replayed with the scoreline reflecting the goal.

Yes, good luck with that.

Roda are serious though. They expect a decision from the KNVB today, but are threatening to take the issue to civil court if they're not granted a replay.

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