Watch: Ethiopian goalkeeper throws ball into own net for amazing own goal, loses his side the game

This is so bad that you might have to watch it twice to understand what actually happens...

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The video here isn't the best, but keep your eye on the goalkeeper after he makes the initial save.

That's white-hot action from the Ethiopian Premier League, and a match between Fasil Kenema and Welwalo Adigrat - which was decided by that own goal from the Welwalo goalkeeper.

Older fans will remember Nick Hancock's Football Nightmares – heck, they may even still have a dusty VHS – and the above is very similar to the worst moment on it. Stoke Poges!

FFT particularly enjoys the part when, hoping that nobody has seen what he's done, the calamitous net-minder goes all Roy Carroll and tries to play on. Unlike Roy Carroll, however, this poor sap didn't get away with it. 

Sorry chap, you've just immortalised yourself on YouTube.

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