Watch: Hungarian second division football showcased in 30 seconds

Gyori ETO were leading 1-0 against Nyiregyhaza Spartacus as the hosts looked to wind down the clock in their NB II fixture on Sunday.

But in the 85th minute, the game descended into farce.

A shot aimed towards goal somehow resulted in three Nyiregyhaza players going down in a heap. Two players who tried to block the shot tackled each other, while their team-mate simultaneously injured himself as he landed awkwardly while acting as a safety net.

As the goalkeeper tried to punch the loose ball away, he ended up hitting an onrushing striker right on the nozzle.

Gyori eventually worked the ball back into the penalty box before the referee finally halted play so the troubled trio could receive medical treatment. Talk about poor timing.

In case you were wondering, Gyori held on to win the scrap 1-0.

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