1 February 2010
"You and the horse need to be at one with each other"
28 July 2009
"Mining is like a religion and religion is part of mining..."
1 April 2009
"Football was always considered to be an almost animalistic expression of society. I disagree..."
28 January 2009
"It’s a bit like Harry Potter, although we won’t be killing anyone off!"
1 August 2008
"I couldn’t believe what joy I felt. You don’t expect such an intense feeling at my age. Now I want more"
1 May 2008
"It wasn’t until I sat down with my family to watch EastEnders the other week that I realised Dirty Den was dead!"
10 April 2008
"It’s time the club invested in some new bats: half of them look like someone has tried to eat them!"
6 March 2008
"The sports columnist graded my performance with a five. I didn’t deserve that. But the journalist is still in a job!"
1 January 2008
"I don't know if there's a secret to my wrist action but there's a bit of luck thrown in there too..."
1 November 2007
"Surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle, a mentality, an attitude"


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