1 April 2005
Former Tottenham, Newcastle and England striker explains his love of choppers
1 January 2005
"I like laughing. It's a laugh, isn't it?"
1 December 2004
"When I was working in a sausage factory, he was one of the first players to catch my eye"
1 September 2003
"I'm Superman, man. I don't give away my weaknesses"
1 July 2003
In July 2003, Jonathan Wilson and Paul Brown despair about the apparent gulf between recently relegated Sunderland and Champions League-chasing Newcastle...
31 January 2003
"What's a nice expression for cock-up? Let's just say it was a huge faux pas..."
1 August 2002
"I started on the wing, but I decided to go upfront because that's where all the players who were making the headlines played"
1 January 2002
"I loved Lee Sharpe. I wanted to be a left-footer because of him. I tried and realised I was right-footed"
1 July 2001
"I can't myself ever wanting to leave Newcastle: I've always loved Newcastle and always will..."
1 December 2000
"I play a bit like Sol Campbell, especially in the way he brings the ball out of defence"


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