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Blackpool announce new board of directors

Blackpool have officially announced their new board of directors following the removal of former chairman Owen Oyston.

Ben Hatton, former director of commercial enterprises at Manchester United, has been appointed the Sky Bet League One club’s new executive director and managing director.

Ian Currie is a non-executive director, having filled that role at Bolton for six years, and Tim Fielding, who has served as chairman of the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust, will represent the fans in an observational role.

“Blackpool Football Club is delighted to officially welcome Ben Hatton (executive & managing director), Ian Currie (non-executive director) and Tim Fielding (non-executive director) to its new board,” read a club statement on their official website.

“The trio, alongside Michael Bolingbroke, who will act as a consultant to the board, have been appointed by court-appointed receiver Paul Cooper in a major change to the structure and day-to-day operations at Bloomfield Road.

“These appointments are an exciting development and emphasise why everybody must now come together for the benefit of the club, town and community.

“With immediate effect, all club stadium bans under the previous management have been revoked, allowing all supporters, bar those subject to FA banning orders, to return to Bloomfield Road and support the team.”

The receiver was brought in to sell the club in order to settle the Oyston family’s £25million debt to former club president Valeri Belokon.

Owen Oyston, who was involved in a legal wrangle with his son Karl, has also lost his place on the board of Blackpool Football Club (Properties) Limited.

Karl Oyston, 51, was Blackpool chairman from 1999 to February 2018, when he was replaced following a high court ruling that he and his father had been guilty of “illegitimately stripping” the club’s assets following their season in the Premier League in 2010/11.