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Burkina boss Duarte furious with federation

The fiery Portuguese coach, who has taken Burkina to two successive Nations Cups, saw his team match Ivory Coast before they eventually went down to a 2-0 defeat in Group B.

"We played fantastic football against the strongest team in the group, we played a perfect game," said Duarte, sometimes known as the 'African Mourinho'.

He then hit out at the federation over the failure to obtain clearance for three naturalised players and said he had not decided whether to carry on in a job he has held for four years.

"We lost three players just before the start because we didn't manage to get them qualified," said the clearly furious coach.

"That just can't be allowed to happen, it's unthinkable... it's primitive."

"On the field we play quality football, off the field there are successive errors.

"I haven't decided if I will continue yet. That option is open to me but I'll have to think about it."