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Cahill refuses to rule out retirement after final

The 35-year-old is thought to be considering his future, with many believing a major final on home soil would be the ideal opportunity to call it a day.

Cahill has promised to address the speculation after the South Korea game, which he insists will be his sole focus over the coming days.

"I'm not sure [about his future], but that's something I'll talk about after [the game]," he said. "My main focus is the final and hopefully trying to win something that's really special for our country."

And the New York Red Bulls forward thinks Saturday's match will rank among his career highlights of his career.

"It's definitely up there," he added. "I play for these moments and I play to try and make a difference in Australian football.

"Not only are we making a difference on the pitch, it's the impact we're making off the pitch. So for me, this is definitely up there with the best.

"I've played in World Cups and all the other tournaments, but to play on home turf and to hopefully do something special and win a tournament like this, will definitely cap it off."