Croatian player teased for being 'too smart for football'

Domagoj Boljat of RNK Split says he has been teased by team-mates for being too smart for football as he has an IQ of 155.

A Croatian player says he gets teased by his team-mates because his high IQ means he is "too smart for football".

Domagoj Boljat of RNK Split has been recorded with an IQ of 155 and is a member of Mensa in Croatia.

The economics graduate scored the opening goal in his team's 3-0 home victory over Slaven Koprivnica and revealed the impact of his high IQ on his career.

"My team-mates make fun of me as I do not do a better career because I'm too smart for football," Boljat said.

"At school I always did well, and at the university. It was not too difficult, all the exams I would do in the first period, to help keep me calm so I could dedicate myself to my first love - football.

"My father talked to me and my older sister Antonella about [IQ] testing, it turned out that we have above-average intelligence, but the school did not make a great drama out of our results.

"Football has always been my priority, but in football it is not crucial to have this kind of intelligence, perhaps more social and spatial intelligence.

"I think the stereotype of football players as being unintelligent people is completely wrong."