Danish fan to pay damages for ref attack

COPENHAGEN - The Danish fan who attacked German referee Herbert Fandel during Denmark's Euro 2008 qualifier with Sweden in June 2007 has been ordered to pay 900,000 Danish crowns ($181,100) in damages.

The 31-year-old man, whose name was not disclosed in court papers, must pay the sum to the Danish Football Association (DBU), the City Court of Copenhagen ordered on Wednesday.

The June 2 match at the Parken arena in Copenhagen was abandoned in the closing stages after the fan attacked Fandel after he sent off Denmark's Christian Poulsen and awarded the visitors a penalty with the score at 3-3.

Sweden were later awarded a 3-0 victory by UEFA.

The DBU had sought 1.6 million Danish crowns ($321,900) compensation after they received a UEFA fine and Denmark were banned from playing their next two qualifiers at the Parken arena.

The court said the fine had been set to the lower amount because of "insufficient security" at the arena on the match night.

Denmark failed to qualify for Euro 2008 while Sweden took one of the group's two qualifying spots alongside Spain.

The fan was convicted of attempted assault and trespassing and handed a suspended jail term of 30 days. An appeals court hearing in December 2007 reduced the sentence to 20 days.

The fan admitted to drunkenness and to entering the field illegally, but rejected the violence charge.