Former Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher fears coronavirus crisis could lead to a European Super League


Champions League winner Darren Fletcher fears that the suspension of the season amid the coronavirus crisis could ultimately lead to a breakway European Super League.

All of the continent's major leagues have been suspended as COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe.

The Premier League has been put on hold until April 4, although some reports suggest (opens in new tab) it might not return until September at the earliest.

The virus looks set to wreak havoc with the European football calendar, and Fletcher believes that could lead to some major structural changes taking place.

"You can speculate about cup competitions and things like that, but the biggest thing for me is the Premier League, and the leagues have to be finished," the former Manchester United (opens in new tab) midfielder told BBC Radio 5 Live (opens in new tab).

“Even the knock-on effect of that for the Champions League next season, forget about that, these are easier things to delay and cancel and postpone.

“When you’re 30 games into a Premier League season, it’s very difficult not to see it out.

“It will all come down to money, as everything does. The powers that be, the money involved, sponsorship deals.

“The Champions League are not going to just accept that, there is no way they are going to accept that.

“The powerful clubs, there will be breakaways and even more of a push towards breakaway leagues on the back of it - 100%.

“If you turned around to the Champions League and said it’s not happening, they will propose a breakaway and invite the teams that they want.

“It may actually be an excuse to get what they want anyway. They want that, a breakaway league.

“This may be the perfect opportunity to get that and go ‘we’re doing this next season if you want to cancel the Champions League next season, who’s in?’”


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