Ferguson's hairdryer treatment inspired players – Ronaldo

Former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed how Alex Ferguson's hairdryer treatment was a positive thing for the players.

Ronaldo was among a number of former players who spoke to BBC for an upcoming documentary about the long-time United manager.

The now Real Madrid star made almost 300 appearances under Ferguson but was not exempt from the manager's famous temper in the dressing room.

"I remember sometimes when we do something bad or we lost some games he kicked the chairs and he kicked the boots, he kicked everything, the waters, the drinks," Ronaldo explained.

"And he’s so red and, ‘F*** you, you should pass the ball, you…' it was unbelievable but it was good - because we learn."

Ryan Giggs, who is now United's assistant, said he used Ferguson's outbursts as inspiration to do better on the pitch.

"I remember him having a go at me at half-time and I had the sort of attitude that 'Right, I'll show him'. And I played well in the second half, so then he quickly knew how I would respond to him losing his temper," he said.

"That followed me for the next 20 years, so it was a big mistake early on."

Rio Ferdinand was another star who suffered the hairdryer treatment, but said yelling back to Ferguson was a bad idea.

"We played Benfica away and I think we got beat," he said. "We didn’t play well and he was shouting at me and I thought I was one of the best players on the day.

"So I going back at him. And the problem is, which I failed to learn quickly, is that the more you shout at him, the louder he gets, and the more aggressive he gets, and the closer he gets to you."

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