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French ladies team have Europe's biggest brothel as shirt sponsor

The club from southern France have one of their shirts sponsored by 'Club Paradise', who claim to be the biggest brothel in Europe.

The strip (no pun intended) is not one the team wears every week, but club chairman Alain Clement claims they had "no other options other than to use it" for their match last weekend.

Unsurprisingly, the shirts have sparked outrage in some quarters. Pyrenees regional council sports chief Robert Olive has spoken out over the sponsor – and he's not happy. 

Olive fumed: “I can’t accept a football team advertising a business on their shirts that is 10,000 miles away from the values of sport. The Pollestres club has junior teams, and it is unhealthy for the adults to display messages like this.”

However, chairman Clement is not budging over the matter. He says it's a "good laugh" and feels his team should be given more money by the authorities to resolve issues like kit shortages.

“The girls did not have any problems about wearing the shirts. They had a good laugh," he said.

"One of Club Paradise’s directors gave us the kits a few years ago, and last weekend we had no other options than to use them.

“Politicians have no idea how amateur clubs function. They should help us more and give us more money.

“We are a small club, and we don’t get much by way of subsidies.”

Don't get any ideas, Manchester United. 

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