Full breakdown of World Cup voting

ZURICH - Russia and Qatar both led in every round of voting by the FIFA executive committee which on Thursday awarded them the right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively.

Russia won an absolute majority on the second round of voting against European rivals England and the joint-bids of Netherlands/Belgium and Spain/Portugal. England were eliminated after the first round with only two votes from the 22-strong committee.

Qatar led on each of four rounds against their rivals, finally obtaining an absolute majority in the final round against the United States, which they won by 14 votes to eight.

Australia went out in the first round, Japan in the second and South Korea in the third.

Voting figures:


First round:

Russia 9

Spain/Portugal 7

Netherlands/Belgium 4

England 2 (eliminated)

Second round:

Russia 13

Spain/Portugal 7

Netherlands/Belgium 2

2022 BALLOT:

First round

Qatar 11

South Korea 4

Japan 3

U.S. 3

Australia 1 (eliminated)

Second round

Qatar 10

South Korea 5

U.S. 5

Japan 2 (eliminated)

Third round

Qatar 11

U.S. 6

South Korea 5 (eliminated)

Fourth round

Qatar 14

U.S. 8