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Ghana video analyst ends bizarre seven-week hotel sit-in

Nus had been refusing to leave his Accra hotel since the end of the Africa Cup of Nations in February.

He told BBC Sport the matter is now over despite not being paid in full, and the 32-year-old returned to Spain on Monday.

In contrast, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) said it "finally managed to raise the funds to pay all his outstanding bonuses on Saturday".

"Thanks to all people of Ghana. Great memories always from this passionate football country," Nus posted on Twitter.

"All of this was more about having principles and claiming for the right things more than the money itself.

"I'm just happy to see my family now."

The protest began after Ghana exited the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Ghanaian FA told the sacked technical team, which included head coach Grant, that they could not be paid their bonuses due to financial difficulties, and would be compensated at a later date.

But, unwilling to wait, Nus stayed put.

According to the Ghanaian FA statement, there was a disagreement over who should pick up the hotel costs, but the situation was resolved between the GFA and hotel on Sunday, meaning Rus can return home.

We'd have probably grown tired of that room service too.

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