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Honduras not a dirty side, says coach Suarez

Honduras go head-to-head with giants France in Group E action in Port Alegre, but Suarez's men have spent most of the build up defending themselves.

The Central American nation have been criticised from all angles, with England captain Steven Gerrard the most vocal about the side's physicality following the pair's goalless draw in Miami last week.

But coach Suarez is not buying into the recent criticism, pointing to Honduras' recent disciplinary record, having not received a single red card during World Cup qualifying.

"In the sixteen previous qualification matches, Honduras didn't receive any red cards," Suarez said.

"That makes clear that we play under the International Board Rules and we are not like that (dirty).

"There are many adjectives for the kind of football that we practice: some may call it guts and others may well call our play intense.

"These are the terms we appreciate to describe the game which we try to play and not other terms. I wish to add one item to this: we have attitude."