New EFL format proposals scrapped

Proposals put forward in May under the EFL Board's Whole Game Solution will not be put into place.

Radical plans to revamp the English Football League system have been scrapped after talks between the EFL Board and Football Association (FA) broke down.

In May the EFL Board revealed proposals to create a new division, expanding the overall number of member clubs from 92 to 100, split evenly across five leagues as part of the body's Whole Game Solution.

However, one condition of the fresh format was a need for the FA to reschedule FA Cup fixtures for midweek to free up further weekend slots for league games, which has proven an insurmountable obstacle in negotiations.

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey said: "As a result of the FA's decision, the Board has been left with no option but to end the Whole Game Solution discussions as, in its current form, it is no longer viable.

"If the weekend slots are not available, then there is simply no way we can meet the financial conditions [to be no worse off] as outlined at the very outset. 

"The stance the FA has adopted has brought the discussions to a premature end, before fully understanding what the financial outcome from the creation of a new distribution model could be. 

"If the FA is willing to change its position then we are, of course, open to re-engaging in what is a hugely important debate that was designed to help shape the future of football in this country."