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Nike reveal new Premier League ball for 2021/22

new Premier League ball
(Image credit: Nike)

Nike have revealed the new Premier League ball ahead of the 2021/22 season. The latest version of the Flight will be in top-flight action from 14th August, when the new season begins. 

The new Premier League ball, the Nike Flight, features a bold graphic design around the sphere, centred around a black organic pattern. According to the press release, this represents the Premier League being the "most exciting and connected league in the world" - whatever that means.

Premier League ball

(Image credit: Nike)

Not intent with being just a pretty face, the graphic is also grounded in performance. The crimson circles drive enhanced visual performance allowing the players to read the pace and spin of the ball, react quicker and feel confident in their decisions. Mason Mount seems incredulously gassed about using it. This is what the Chelsea star had to say. 

“It’s been the most incredible season and you could really feel the difference with the Nike Flight ball. I’m constantly striving for more consistency, particularly when it comes to goals and assists, and this ball certainly helps me achieve that. I’m excited to get back to playing with it next season.”

Aren't we all. The Nike Flight Premier League ball is available to buy on from 15th July.