Pitchside TVs banned after Egypt controversy

PRETORIA - FIFA has banned pitchside television monitors at the Confederations Cup after a controversial late penalty earned Brazil victory in their opening game.

"There is no more video in front of the fourth official on the side of the field so no one can say there is any interference in any decisions on the basis of video," president Sepp Blatter told a media briefing before Thursday's Brazil v U.S. match.

Egypt, beaten 4-3 by the former world champions on Monday after a last-minute spot kick by Kaka, appealed against the result.

The Egyptians said English referee Howard Webb changed his decision to award the penalty on the basis of video evidence transmitted to him by the fourth official on the side of the field.

Webb originally blew for a corner after a shot from Alex Pato was cleared by Ahmed Al Muhamadi but changed his decision and sent off the Egypt defender for a handling offence, as well as awarding the penalty.

Football's ruling body FIFA rejected Egypt's appeal, saying Webb changed his mind after consulting his linesman.

Blatter said the removal of pitchside TV monitors was as "a result of a situation that could have created some problems but it has been stated there was no interference from video evidence."

He added: "I'm still of the opinion we should not use video for any decision on the field of play."