Poland duo dropped from Euro 2012 squad

Poland coach Franciszek Smuda has dropped Slawomir Peszko and Marcin Wasilewski from his Euro 2012 squad, media reported on Sunday, citing heavy partying in Germany over the weekend.

Cologne midfielder Peszko and Anderlecht defender Wasilewski (pictured), viewed as near-certainties for the tournament, got drunk and quarrelled with a taxi driver who drove to a police station, according to Polish media.

"I will not turn a blind eye to this situation. I omit both of them from the Euro 2012 finals. There is no chance they could make it into the 23-strong squad," interia.pl web portal quoted Smuda as saying on Sunday.

"Are they not ashamed? Poles again get negative publicity in Germany, they are spoken of again in the context of alcohol and fights."

Poland team spokesman Tomasz Rzasa declined to comment on the interia.pl report but said Smuda was going to Germany next week to watch a Borussia Dortmund-Bayern Munich game.

"This will be their chance to talk, until then we won't have any other comment," he told Reuters on Sunday.

Smuda, who started his coaching career in Germany, is known for his zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and misbehaviour.