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Spain excited for South Africa return

Tuesday's friendly against South Africa will be staged at Soccer City in Johannesburg, the same venue where Spain were crowned world champions after defeating the Netherlands 1-0.

Andres Iniesta's extra-time goal saw Spain win football's greatest prize for the first time, and their return to the country has brought back happy memories for Vicente del Bosque's squad.

"We have played in different countries since we won the FIFA World Cup," Real Madrid defender Ramos said.

"We are very proud to represent Spain, and it's good for us to come back to South Africa. It really brings good memories. They are all really great memories. It seems like it was yesterday but the years are marching on.

"The South Africans gave us a lot of support and we are very fond of them.

"In that moment (winning the World Cup), I felt very proud to be Spanish and to play for my country.

"I have a replica of the World Cup and big photos in my office and every time I go home, I see them."

Villa shared similar thoughts, and added that they are not expecting to receive the same levels of support at next year's showpiece in Brazil.

"We want to thank the South Africans for the kindness they showed us on our path to becoming world champions," the Atletico Madrid striker said.

"The competition between Spain and Brazil is very strong and we don't expect the Brazil fans to support us the way South Africans do. Obviously, we will be expecting less support during the World Cup."