Suarez insists Evra racism claims were 'all false'

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez still insists the allegations surrounding his ban for racial abusing Patrice Evra were 'all false'.

The Uruguayan, 27, was banned for eight games after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United defender Evra in 2011.

But Suarez said he had only two regrets during his career, and they were the biting incidents in the Eredivisie and English Premier League.

"I've made only two mistakes in my career," he told radio station Sport 890.

"My first was when I was playing for Ajax and I bit an opponent. My second was when I bit (Branislav) Ivanovic.

"Those two were my only two mistakes as a footballer. I said I'm sorry and that was it, end of story.

"I've nothing else to regret – all the other things were like a movie people in England believed in.

"The case with Evra was all false. I was accused without proof. But that's in the past. I was sad then, but I'm happy today."

Suarez, who believes he has matured in the Premier League this season, has scored 23 goals to be well clear atop the goalscoring charts in England's top flight.

He said better behaviour had given the British media fewer things to write about him this season.

"I'm happy I've worked things out and realised certain things. If you don't give food to the press, then there's nothing they can say about you," Suarez said.

"I've been through a lot, and there has been a storm, but I realised that I had to focus on football and less on those things.

"I've grown up. I've tried hard to think more about things before doing them.

"The people in England don't talk about me now because I'm not doing anything wrong. They have to talk only about me as a footballer."

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, Suarez said he was scared about potentially getting injured.

Colombian Radamel Falcao and Englishman Theo Walcott could both miss the Brazil tournament due to injury.

"The truth is, I am scared of what happened to Falcao and Walcott," Suarez said.

"It is striking. It gives you a little thing at every tackle in every game. But you live in the present and you always give your best for your club - you can't be thinking about that all the time.

"It is a unique opportunity and we all want to be there, but I prefer to focus my mind on the English league. The moment to think about the national team will arrive later."