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Trabzonspor fan forced to clean 10,000 seats after standing on one

Despite the standard warnings from the Super Lig club, one individual decided to climb on one of the brand new seats.

The club found the supporter who disobeyed their code of conduct through social media, and told him he had to clean at least 10,000 of their 41,500 seats.

Trabzonspor then took his humiliation to the next level by posting the story on Twitter – but at least they left the fan’s identity hidden.

In the video, the shamed supporter says: "My club found me stepping on a seat and punished me by making me wipe 10,000 seats.

"What we pay for tickets can't buy these seats. This is our property, we must protect it. Trabzonspor belongs to all of us."

It was posted with the warning "We weren't joking when we said 'this is our new home' :) Do you ever step on the seats with your shoes on at home? You get punished immediately! :)”

Don’t mess with Trabzonspor.

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