Video: Chapecoense survivor Jackson Follmann returns to light training

Chapecoense’s plane crash victim Jackson Follmann is remarkably back on the treadmill after having his right leg amputated.

Follmann lost part of his right leg in the Colombia plane crash in November.

Now, four months on, he’s returned to training on the treadmill. Follmann was one of six people to survive the crash last year which killed 71 passengers.

The 24-year-old, a product of Gremio's youth academy, is now retired after the injuries he sustained in the crash forced surgeons to amputate his right leg at the knee. He now has a prosthetic leg.

Follmann revealed last month that he wanted to return to football in the Paralympics – and judging from the latest footage, he looks on course to fulfil his ambition as he begins the road to recovery. 

Considering his circumstances, the turnaround is quite incredible.

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