Video: FIVE players offside but goal given in Greek second division

Think the officials are always out to get your club? Spare a thought for poor Panserraikos...

Lamia took the lead against Panserraikos in the fifth minute of their fixture on Saturday, following a corner which was headed in at the far post by Kostas Beloulis to put the hosts in front.

There was an obvious problem with the goal, though: not only did Beloulis stray into an offside position before the ball was played, but so did four of his team-mates.

The dozy linesman thought nothing of it and the game continued, with Lamia finishing up 3-1 winners. 

The result means Lamia extend their points gap over third-placed Aris as they close in on an automatic promotion spot. For Panserraikos, the defeat keeps them in eighth. Grrr...


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