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Video: Vietnamese team stop playing in protest over soft penalty, gift goals to opposition

The game between Ho Chi Minh City and Long An was level at 2-2... but with the clash coming to a close, Ho Chi Minh were awarded a dubious penalty.

In protest, Long An – who are currently bottom of the V-League – simply stopped playing altogether.

Goalkeeper Nguyen Minh Nhut turned his back when the penalty was struck, gifting Ho Chi Minh a third net-rippler. 

The mass sulk would continue, and their opponents walked in another two unobstructed goals. In the 93rd minute, the referee finally brought the match to an end at 5-2.

4:45 for the start of sulking

Those who've experienced taking a commanding lead in an online FIFA 17 match and see their fuming opponent leave the controller alone will know exactly what this is like.

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