Vieira criticises France's 'poor structure'

Former France international Patrick Vieira has continued to criticise the French Football Federation, ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Didier Deschamps' men are preparing for a Group E campaign, in which they will face Ecuador, Honduras and Switzerland.

Vieira, who was critical of the omission of Manchester City attacker Samir Nasri in France's preliminary squad in May, continued to lash out at the French FA for their poor 'structure'.

"In France you are talking about Samir Nasri and some of the other players having personal issues," Vieira said at ITV's World Cup launch.

"But Samir never had a problem with Manchester City. They talk about Karim Benzema but he never had a problem with Real Madrid. Franck Ribery never had a problem at Bayern Munich.

"So I think it is the structure that creates that kind of problem. The French national team has to look at itself, how the structure is done. That is not as strong as City, Bayern or Real Madrid.

"The problem is that you need people above who dictate the rules. It is like parents. When you have a kid, who are shown the rules, the kids know where to stand and what to do and what not to do.

"If there are no rules, people do what they want. The structure in the French national team in the last few years wasn't at the best."

Vieira said his time in the France squad, from 1997-2009 when he racked up 107 caps, saw him enjoy a different experience and culture.

"When I was playing it was a different structure," Vieira said.

"Every player knew where they were, what they had to do and how they had to behave.

"When I was there, the majority of the players had big experience. I think the average age was around 30. This one is younger. In the last few years the French team had been a bit younger."