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Wilkins: Platini's five official plan rubbished

Extra officials were placed behind each goal during last season's Champions League campaign and at this summer's European Championship to monitor if the ball crosses the line as an alternative to technology.

However, co-hosts Ukraine were denied a goal against England in their final group stage match after one of the additional officials failed to spot that the ball had gone in, and Wilkins believes Platini's theory has been proved unviable for the future.

"Yes, I think Platini’s theory has been rubbished,” Wilkins told Yahoo!

"The thing is, the [Ukraine] shot wasn't drilled, it was looped. The official beside the goal had a perfect view, and if he cannot see it then something has to change.

"I don't think the officials themselves should be vilified; humans can only do a certain amount, we all make mistakes, and we need assistance."

The 55-year-old supports the decision to bring in goal-line technology, but argued that it would not be wise to introduce a 'challenge' system.

"It has gone beyond a joke - there’s so much at stake with these decisions. It seems that every other sport on the planet has it, and we need it," he added.

"Football is a game that needs to flow, and if you are constantly stopping play to review decisions then it becomes a bit of a nonsense.

"The offside was blatant and should have been picked up and dealt with. So I don't go along with challenges.”

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By Matt Maltby