Worawi set to sue Triesman over allegations

BANGKOK - Embattled FIFA Executive Committee member Worawi Makudi is planning to take legal action against former English Football Association chairman David Triesman after being implicated in a bribery scandal.

Worawi also insisted he was still president of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT), despite reports on Friday saying the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) had removed him from the post.

Worawi said Triesman's allegations he had demanded television rights for a proposed friendly between England and Thailand in return for his 2018 World Cup vote made in Britain's parliament last Tuesday had tarnished his reputation.

"The claims Triesman made are groundless and I am putting together a legal team to fight these charges," he told Reuters on Saturday.

"I have a very strong case and I will present evidence to prove these allegations are not true. I don't know why they were made."

According to Thai media reports, SAT said Worawi's decision to postpone an election for FAT president on May 6 was illegal.

Because no election had been held within the required time limit after Worawi's presidency expired at the end of 2010, his position was void, it said.

Worawi was to have been challenged for the presidency earlier this month, but the election was postponed when the executive board said some of the clubs had more than one voting representative.

But he insisted the election would take place next month and he was still in charge.

"I am still holder of the position and we will reschedule the election," added Worawi, one of four FIFA executive committee members Triesman claimed had asked for favours in return for votes for England's 2018 World Cup bid.