World Cup 2022: Budweiser promises winning nation ALL of the unsold beer originally earmarked for Qatar stadiums

World Cup 2022
(Image credit: Twitter: Budweiser)

Budweiser have promised to award the winners of the World Cup 2022 all of the unsold beer they'd earmarked for Qatar before FIFA banned drinking in stadiums. 

FIFA had initially agreed a deal to make Budweiser the official beer provider to the stadiums in Qatar, only to ban alcohol consumption inside stadiums just day before the tournament kicked off. 

The American company were understandably outraged at FIFA's decision, initially posting a tweet that simply stated, "Well this is awkward..." before deleting it minutes later. 

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Now, Budweiser are saying that they are willing to give the nation that lifts the trophy all of the unsold beer, reportedly worth more than €75 million. "New Day, New Tweet. Winning Country gets the Buds. Who will get them?" Budweiser tweeted on Sunday. 

Media outlets are also suggesting that Budweiser will look to sue FIFA for breach of contract. And it isn't only Budweiser who have been left outraged by FIFA decision to ban alcohol consumption inside the stadiums. Fans are also upset, having been promised that they would be allowed to enjoy a beer n the terraces before the Qatari royal family backtracked on the eve of the competition, prompting FIFA's move. 

Whether or not Budweiser were serious in their offer to reward the winners with all of the unsold beer is a mystery. If they were to go ahead with the gimmick, fans can rest assured that the celebrations will be wild for whoever lifts the title.

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