Lasers for goalposts: Nike lights up the streets

Jumpers for goalposts? Nah. Nike have a much better idea. Their portable pitch means that a night-time kickabout has never been easier

There is nothing that cannot be improved with lasers – including football.

With that in mind, Nike's created a portable pitch that uses a crane-mounted laser system to conjure up a five-a-side footy field in the location of your choice – as long as you live in one of six lucky neighbourhoods in Madrid.

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It's all part of Nike's all new #MiPista campaign, which aims to bring a football field to the streets.

Dial up a location on the associated smartphone app, and a team of specialists will wing their way over to you to set up the pitch – no matter what time of day it is.

The van also comes stocked with Nike's FC247 footy boots for you to try out – they're designed for small-scale street football, hence the whole "laser pitch" publicity drive.

Well, it beats jumpers for goalposts – hopefully Nike will roll it out to other territories soon.

[via Stuff]

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