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New Puma Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Ghana kits

Summer is on the horizon, which means hot weather and buckets of sweat – but you needn’t end up in a sticky mess if you’re wearing one of Puma’s new national team shirts.


Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast have all been kitted out in cutting edge jerseys designed to keep players cool in the heat of the action without having to hide in the shade.

The shirts have been made using evoKNIT technology, which means they’re ultra lightweight, fit like a glove and remove sweat from the body as you play – perfect for those soaring temperatures.

But how exactly does it work? Well, like one of your wayward free-kicks, the jersey almost has a mind of it’s own. The first layer carries sweat away for the skin before the second gets rid of it completely – simple.


To do this, Puma have used machinery that has never been used in football before in a bid to give nations an advantage over their opponents – and it could even give your game a boost this summer.