Eat like an athlete: Ultimate matchday nutrition

Elite nutritionist Liam Holmes recommends the matchday meals that will ensure you can cover every blade of grass

“For a morning kick-off, your pre-match meal should contain food that’s easy to digest. Don’t eat anything that’s deep-fried or full of fat, such as pastries. An omelette, protein porridge or Greek yoghurt with berries and granola is ideal. 


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If you’re playing in the afternoon, have a similar breakfast, then a small meal two to three hours before kick-off. I’d recommend a chicken and hummus wrap, a protein bar or a homemade smoothie. These meals include good carbohydrates for sustained energy, small amounts of healthy fats to improve your concentration and 
decision-making, and protein to kick-start recovery. 


Immediately after the game, have a recovery shake, followed by a solid meal with vegetables and some starchy carbs, such as jerk chicken, rice and peas. 


Your evening meal should contain healthy fats to boost recovery. Adding avocado, oily fish or a sprinkling of seeds will really help. Don’t eat anything you haven’t tried before. Game day is not the time to experiment.”

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